World community must pressure India to end lock-down in occupied Kashmir: AJK PM

AJK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider Khan has regretted that Indian Prime Minister has not only unleashed a new wave of terror in occupied Kashmir but also targeting civilian at Line of Control.

Addressing a news conference in Muzaffarabad on Saturday, he said India is continuously violating cease-fire agreement.

Raja Farooq said occupied Kashmir is under siege for the past 83 days where unending curfew and lock down had put eight million people in severe trouble.

Food, medicine and other essential commodities are in short supply.

Raja Farooq Haider Khan appealed international community to use its influence and stop India further play a havoc with lives of people and give access to human rights organizations for provision of relief.

Speaking on the occasion, Lords Bronas Dorthi Thrnail and Lord Nazeer said Kashmir is not a bilateral but international issue.

He expressed full support for the genuine demand of Kashmiris for realization of right to self determination as per UN resolutions.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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