UnionPay HCE Mobile QuickPass Launched in Macau

SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 18, 2016 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– UnionPay International and ICBC jointly announced on August 17, that they are launching UnionPay HCE mobile QuickPass in Macau. This is the first mobile

credit card introduced in the market. Customers with UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) issued by ICBC Macau will be the first to enjoy this secure and convenient mobile payment service.

As UnionPay’s new mobile payment brand, mobile QuickPass enables offline contactless payment with mobile devices, wearables and UnionPay chip cards, and it also supports online payment. UnionPay mobile QuickPass is compatible with a variety of mobile phone brands, including Huawei, MI, ZTE and Lenovo. Adopting dynamic key and tokenization, mobile QuickPass avoids showing the authentic

card number during transaction, and the transaction information is stored within the network of the issuer and UnionPay, effectively assuring payment security.

Now, over 7 million POS terminals in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada accept mobile QuickPass. As mobile QuickPass acceptance expands, UnionPay International starts to roll out the product in more markets to deliver secure and convenient mobile payment experience to its global customers. Previously, UnionPay International has cooperated with Korea’s KT Group and BCcard in launching HCE mobile QuickPass in Korea. Cardholders with UnionPay cards issued by BCcard and its 19 member banks are able to tap-and-go with QuickPass-enabled smartphones.

UnionPay HCE mobile QuickPass is the first mobile payment product introduced in Macau. Two factors helped. First, 1.8 million UnionPay cards have been issued in Macau, meaning that each Macau resident has three UnionPay cards on average. Second, UnionPay is the most widely used international card brand in Macau in terms of contactless payment. Most merchants accepting contactless payment support mobile QuickPass.

Consumers can synch their NFC-enabled Android smartphone to their UnionPay credit card issued by ICBC Macau via the Bank’s app, “ICBC Mobile Banking”, and get a mobile QuickPass card. Then, they are able to tap-and-go with their smartphone at QuickPass terminals around the globe. ICBC Macau sets the daily mobile transaction cap at 5,000 MOP.

UnionPay’s acceptance network in Macau is quite extensive now. Almost all the local merchants and ATMs accept UnionPay cards, and mobile QuickPass is accepted at department stores, restaurants, and drug stores. Consumers in Macau can use UnionPay credit cards for online shopping, ticket booking, and tuition payment too.

For more information: http://www.unionpayintl.com/

Source: UnionPay International