Time has come to accept Bilawal’s four demands to avert worst political crisis: Maula Bux Chandio

Karachi, October 29, 2016 (PPI-OT): Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister for Information, Maula Bux Chandio said on Saturday that the federal government should accept four recent demands of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to save democracy and avert political crisis in the country.

“Time has come for Nawaz government to adopt a democratic approach for all, stabilize democracy, develop political harmony and accept the four demands that include re-constitution of a parliamentary committee on national security; passage of Panama Bill drafted by the PPP; implementation of the resolution on CPEC; and appointment of a foreign minister,” he said in a statement.

Chandio said: “PML-N government is pushing the country towards deep crisis and has owned enemies in shape of ministers who will inflict colossal loss to it. The government is out and is using state force against peaceful protesters which is against political ethics and freedom of expression. “The situation could go out of the federal government’s control if political issues are not resolved, small provinces are not given their due share from the federal funds and use of state force against opponents is not stopped forthwith,” he said.

The advisor said that due to ineffective policies of the federal government, inflation had risen and anarchy had taken roots of the country. IMF has said that the rate of inflation would escalate to 5.2 percent from current rate of 2.9 percent and the prices of commodities would also surge by 2 to 5 percent.

Chandio said: “The increase in electricity tariff at the rate of Rs.0.38 per unit only for the consumers of Karachi is a grave injustice. NEPRA and K-Electric are federally controlled and are reluctant to cut electricity tariff for the consumers of Karachi. Such anti-people policies need to be abolished forthwith; otherwise, there will be cry of people everywhere.” He also lashed out at the federal government’s decision to move key departments of the State Bank of Pakistan from Karachi to Lahore and said that this bid is aimed at gaining nefarious political gains, which will never be allowed at any cost.

“We will offer severe agitation against anti-Sindh province moves of PML-N government.” Chandio said that the federal government had taken huge loans from the IMF and had added more debt to its stockpile by floating $1 billion bonds in the international debt market. Pakistan have been compelled to pay around $5 billion each year in foreign debt servicing until 2021, which dangerous financial situation for the country, he added.

“The country needs PPP government to protect people’s rights and sovereignty of the nation. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto is raising voice for the acceptance of the rights of the people of the country. Bilawal will lead the country very soon by winning next general elections with majority. Salvation of democracy lies in positive approach and behaviour with the country’s people and Bilawal will ensure it very soon,” Chandio said.

He said that anti-democracy forces are bent upon harming Sindh government through different tactics but we are wise enough to foil their nefarious designs. He said that Sindh government had succeeded to restore law and order in the country. “The people of Sindh have taken a sigh of relief as business and social activities are thriving gradually. Sindh is the soil of peace and no one will be allowed to disturb peace in the province,” the advisor concluded.

He said that PML-N government and PTI workers are likely to come face to face on Nov 2 in Islamabad and it is also likely that anarchy may turn worst and hit the business and social activities hard across the country. He said that PM Nawaz needs to adopt political approach and give political rights to all parties in the country and stop state force against the opponents.

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