The priority is the state, If the state remains, then politics will continue: Hamza Shahbaz 

Lahore, June 17, 2022 (PPI-OT):Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz said that ups and downs came in Punjab with regard to constitution adding that he did not witness such constitutional crisis in the history of Punjab. He said “I am answerable to the masses of Punjab along with Allah Almighty and we fully understand our responsibilities. On the other hand, Imran Niazi says Allah forbid the nuclear power will be ruined and the army will scatter. Imran Niazi did not fulfil any promise which he made with the nation in his four years tenure.

The nation have two ways in which one is of honesty and the other one is of anarchy and conspiracy. Imran Niazi says that the institutions did conspiracy against him and is continuously adopting this narrative. The state is our mother and we should love it but unfortunately, he is spreading poison against the institutions for many months. Imran Niazi held baseless allegations against the institutions and adopted the narrative of conspiracy being hatched against him.

This game is going on for many months at the behest of Imran Niazi.” CM was addressing a press conference at 90-SQA in which Provincial Ministers Sardar Awais Leghari, Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan and Atta Tarar were also present on this occasion.

Hamza Shahbaz said “Imran Niazi used to adopt the narrative to open up four constituencies but when the decision came that no rigging took place then he refused to accept. Today he demand to constitute a commission by the Supreme Court. This man could not fulfil a single promise which he made with the people in his four years tenure.

Niazi rest assured this country is going to exist and promise which was made with the labourers during Imran Niazi’s tenure to give 50 lac houses could not be fulfilled. False promise was also made with the youth to give them one crore employments.

GDP was 5.8 percent in the old Pakistan and during the previous tenure this growth became negative. The nation was put in the long queues to collect flour, ghee and other items. Who used to utter that a bloody long march would take place? RPO had rubber bullets and the Chief Ministers of Gilgit Baltistan and KPK along with their police did aerial firing on our police personnel.

They used to move with the help of bulldozers and cranes. 24 lac 90 thousand people were less in their 25 lac public rally and Niazi said that he would hold sit-in till the time the call for elections is not announced but he turned back to Bani Gala in one night.”

CM stated that he had spent many years of youth in the wilderness of proton. He said that his father was a cancer patient but he could not look after him adding that he had spent 22 months in jail but no accusation was proved. He stated that Pervaiz Elahi gave orders to summon Chief Secretary and IG Punjab and only then the budget for the 12 crore people will be announced.

CM said “I after foreseeing such conditions thought that fatal attack had been committed on the Deputy Speaker and how come a custodian sitting over there was giving congratulations when his scoundrels were attacking Deputy Speaker.

The whole nation witnessed that the broken arm was joined in a single day. It was accused that Hamza Shahbaz injured his head with a rod and threw him out of assembly. How come Pervaiz Elahi shamefully said that the constable is not a martyr?

I decided not to present Chief Secretary and IG at any cost. I see such incidents not as a Chief Minister but as a human being.

You can see that the session was convened for four times on which crores of rupees were spent but was dismissed on the personal wish of Pervaiz Elahi. Allah Almighty has the sole right to give respect and Allah Almighty has chosen me on this post. Many constitutional upheavals came in the last three months.

Did anyone witness that a Chief Minister would work without cabinet? 50 lac tonnes of wheat was stored in few weeks and the farmers were given their due right. We bought wheat at 2200 per tonne while its price has now exceeded 5000 in the international market.

It was decided to give Rs.200 billion subsidy. Due to poverty hunger children ask for bread in their homes. Cabinet was to be extended but could not be done. It is my mission to satisfy the creatures of Allah Almighty.

We waited for 48 hours and then presented the budget session in Aiwan e Iqbal. The ego of Pervaiz Elahi was to be satisfied by presenting Chief Secretary and IG. I saw all the constitutional ways because it is our responsibility.

Where it is written that budget session will take place after presenting the Chief Secretary and IG. Today I am happy that the budget has been presented. The basic salary of government servants has been increased to 30 percent and 5 percent increase has been made in the pension of pensioners.

Yesterday, former Chief Minister Usman Buzdar submitted a petition in the Lahore High Court to restore his privileges while on the other hand the masses are facing extreme poverty. The corruption of Farah Gogi is before every one and he is demanding elite vehicle and a gardener.

He is the same person who knows that most of the cameras of safe city had been non-functional and dacoities are taking place in the houses of the people due to non-functioning of 30 percent cameras. I may make it clear that Allah Almighty will ask on the Day of Judgment that you spread chaos in the country.

They offended China and said Absolutely Not to USA without any reason. Imran Niazi used to say that if he had to go to IMF then he would commit suicide. When this person was talking about giving subsidy then his ministers were sitting with the IMF. Imran Niazi has deceived the masses. This country has to run and PML-N gave the growth rate of 5.8 percent.

Today the poor are suffering agony of poverty. When our government left in 2018 then there was zero load shedding and today we all have to swallow this bitter pill. Everyone wanted election in the country but historians will write how come the sinking economy of the country was saved and moved forward by saving the country.

Everyone knows that Shahbaz Sharif saved Rs.500 billion and Nawaz Sharif did atomic explosions and also refused offer of billions of rupees. We had to face economic sanctions in return.

Everyone saw that the motorway was constructed and the CPEC project continued. PML-N secured the future of this country. I had to go to Attock where a person had five daughters and a 10 years girl Hadiya used to go for studies and the person teaching her committed molestation and killed her.

But due to their obduracy the assembly session kept on going for 48 hours and for this reason I could not go there. We have to save the state and during their tenure those talking of new Pakistan even buried the old Pakistan.

Imran Niazi whenever you will commit suicide attack on the institutions of the nation and the system then PML-N will emerge as a solid rock before you. The law will strangle you if you again spread chaos in the name of long march.

During their four years tenure, medicines were not available in the hospitals while I may make it clear that cancer and general medicines will be provided free of cost in all the DHQs and THQs from 1st of July.

Only the honest officers will be crowns of our head. Imran Niazi and Pervaiz Elahi you should listen loud and clear that I will continue to serve the masses till Allah Almighty wants. Your ego cannot hinder the way of myself and the masses and the spirit of real politics is to care about the humanity.

Price control committees have been constituted to control prices and I always hold price control meeting every morning. It is my clear direction to control the prices of all edibles which is the basic need of every one.

I pray to Allah Almighty to give me courage to serve the masses in the same spirit. The assembly has been made a jail for the journalists but we will restore its glamour abd Gloria and these people will be held accountable.

I do not believe in taking revenge but it is my personal observation that embezzlements amounting to billions of rupees had been done and we will put before the nation everything along with proofs. We face many problems due to past agreements of the previous government and people should rest assured that this time will pass.

The budget was presented after three months and the economy will stand on its feet definitely. 12 thousand megawatt electricity was included in the grid during the previous tenure of PML-N. Now the foreign funding case is going to be announced while the tales of Farah Gogi are common everywhere. If the state exists then politics will also be done.

The present speaker threw the book of constitution in the dust bin and we did everything for the benefit of masses. The former Chief Minister is asking for his privileges. We will face difficulties for few months and In Sha Allah the economy will become stable again. The Speaker committed violation of the constitution and my priorities are to provide justice to the masses. These elements have been fully exposed before the masses and we will deal with them constitutionally.”

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