Senate Functional Committee on Devolution holds seminar, adopts Karachi declaration

Islamabad, July 27, 2017 (PPI-OT):This gathering of Parliamentarians, Academia, Civil Society Organizations, Journalists and Intellectuals, meeting on the invitation of the Senate’s Functional Committee on Devolution, do hereby declare as under:-

1. That democracy and a true federal system is the only panacea for survival of Pakistan and the Constitution of Pakistan is guarantor in this regard which also provides for a mechanism to protect the rights of provinces.

2. That the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment reaffirms the principles of democratic, parliamentary and federal structure. It widened the concepts of participatory federalism, joint ownership of natural resources, collective management and supervision of items in Federal Legislative List Part-II, Constitution, 1973, and dispute resolution.

3. That the Federal and Provincial Governments shall take every possible step to ensure that the 18th Constitutional Amendment is implemented in letter and spirit.

4. That the Council of Common Interest (CCI) was given a new role under the 18th Constitutional amendment to provide the center and provinces a forum to take consensus decisions on conflicting issues; this forum shall be effectively utilized to address the issues being faced by the Provinces regarding the implementation of devolution scheme.

5. That attempts to bypass and undermine the jurisdiction and powers of CCI shall be stopped forthwith.

6. That the Federal Government shall assume its role and responsibility by establishing an independent permanent Secretariat of CCI on priority.

7. That placement of regulatory authorities under the line ministries is a violation of the Constitution, therefore, regulatory authorities established under part-II of Federal Legislative list shall be placed under the CCI.

8. That ‘Devolution’ shall be a permanent agenda item of every meeting of CCI.

9. That the forum of IPCC shall meet more often and more suchlike forms shall be established to create better linkages with the Provinces.

10. That the true benefits of the paradigm shift, by giving more provincial autonomy, brought in by the 18th amendment are yet to be reaped, therefore, political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority should be devolved to the elected representatives of the Local Governments in letter and spirit to ensure the true spirit of federalism.

11. That the Eighth NFC award shall be announced on priority basis after incorporating measures that would make devolution more meaningful in raising the living standards of the common citizens.

12. That Senate, House of the Federation, being protector and representative of the rights of the federating units, shall ensure that the 18th Constitutional Amendment is implemented in letter and spirit and shall act as a forum to resolve the issues being faced in its implementation.

13. That there shall be active interaction and linkages between the Senate’s Functional Committee on Devolution and Provincial Governments as well as corresponding Committees of the Provincial Legislatures to rectify issues being faced in the implementation of scheme of Devolution as provided in the Constitution.

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