Second Minister of Education Malaysia Launches ‘Emgs Connect”-International Student Information Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan

Initiative to Expand Reach to Students in Pakistan and Enhance Information and Student Services

ISLAMABAD, April 30, 2015 / PRNewswire — The Honourable Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, Minister of Education II, Malaysia, launched the first ‘EMGS Connect’ Student Information Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, in a move to better serve students from Pakistan with information and counsel on higher education opportunities in Malaysia. Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is the One-Stop-Centre for international student management, established by the Ministry of Education Malaysia(MOE).

“Over the past decade, Malaysia has become the fastest growing destination for international students – attracting an annual increase of over 16% per year. We have one of the highest proportions of international vs domestic students in the academic world – with nearly one in ten students on average. Clearly, education in Malaysia is not just affordable, but also accessible and welcoming,” the Honourable Minister said.

Speaking on quality education and global rankings, the Honourable Minister said, “Based on subject ranking, our Universiti Sains Malaysia and University Malaya are listed in the top 50 global varsity rankings by subject. 11 faculties of our Public Universities rank within top 100 in the world - in areas of environmental sciences, civil and structural engineering, information systems, agricultural science, manufacturing, aeronautical, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Malaysia presently hosts 135,502 international students, from more than 200 nations, at its network of Public or Private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as well as international schools.

‘Malaysia is proud to host more than 4,200 Pakistani students at HEIs in Malaysia, and we welcome many, many more. With our cultural dynamics, Malaysia will be your home, away from home. Studying in Malaysia is always a cost effective option, where quality, values and experience are not compromised.

“In Malaysia we continuously review and upgrade our policies and systems and the focus now is towards holistic development of the individual. In the 10-year Higher Education Blueprint (2015 - 2025), clear strategies have been defined to produce balanced and holistic graduates with entrepreneurial mindsets, graduates who are job creators rather than job seekers.

“Central to all our efforts in strengthening the holistic education ecosystem in Malaysia is efficient student services. For this,  the Ministry has created EMGS - a one-stop-centre focussed on international student services and the global promotion of Education Malaysia, the Honourable Minister added.

Chief Executive Officer of EMGS, Mohd Yazid Abdul Hamid, said that since EMGS began operations in February 2013 to date, it received a total of 3,576 new applications for Student Pass  from students in Pakistan.

“The largest number of applications are for Degree Programmes, followed by Certificate courses, Diplomas, Masters and PhD. There are more than 300 HEIs to apply to and over 6,000 accredited programmes to choose from – we would like to reach out to many more students in Pakistan, both boys and girls.  And this, we will do through EMGS Connect Pakistan which will be established in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, and operational by July 2015, ” Mohd Yazid said.

The Launch ceremony of EMGS Connect was also attended by H.E. Dato’ Dr. Hasrul Sani Mujtabar, the Malaysian High Commissioner to Pakistan, educators and education advisers from Pakistan.

EMGS has established the EMGS Connect Student Information Centres through a partnership with International Student Malaysia Services. The Centres will provide value added services, such as education counsel, facilitation of medical screening, translation of documents, airport clearance and many more.

About Education Malaysia Global Services

Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee, wholly owned by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia. EMGS acts as a One Stop Centre for the management and processing of Student Pass application for all International Students interested in pursuing a tertiary education at private higher education institutions in Malaysia. EMGS is also tasked by the MOE to lead the worldwide promotion of education in Malaysia. At present, Malaysia hosts over 135,000 international students from 236 countries.

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