Punjab Chief Minister inaugurates 614-bed new indoor block in Children’s Hospital

Lahore, September 04, 2017 (PPI-OT):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the 614-bed new indoor block in the Children’s Hospital on the second day of Eidul Azha. After the inauguration of this block constructed at the cost of Rs2.5 billion the total number of beds in the hospital has increased to 1100. Sixteen new operation theatres have been established in the new block, while the number of beds for the cancer ward has been increased to 100. The bone marrow transplant of the first patient will be carried during the on-going month.

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited various wards after the inauguration of the block. He also inquired after the health of children admitted to the hospital. The chief minister visited general ward, cardiac ward, ICU, operation theatre and other wards. He also reviewed facilities being provided at the hospital. He talked to the mothers of ailing children and asked them about the facilities at the hospital. The mothers expressed satisfaction over the facilities and said they pray for the chief minister because an excellent hospital has been established.

The mothers told the chief minister that best treatment is being provided to their children and doctors, nurse and staff are very polite and cooperating. Speaking on the occasion, CM Shehbaz Sharif said the Punjab government is spending billions of rupees to provide standardized medical facilities to the people. He said service to the distressed humanity is his mission and he will complete it at any cost. He expressed his dissatisfaction over cleanliness arrangements at some of the places and said the standard of cleanliness should be excellent at the hospital and negligence in the cleanliness should be fixed immediately and he should not receive complaint regarding cleanliness again.

He said special attention should be paid on the cleanliness of roofs. The chief minister ordered free cancer treatment of the head nurse of the cardiac ward. Talking to the media, CM Shehbaz said he greets the nation on Eidul Azha and an increase of 614 beds has been made in the hospital. He said he visited various portions of the hospital and he is happy to know that standardized medical facilities are being provided at the hospital. He said the Children’s Hospital has become the top hospital and the total number of the beds has increased to 1100 after the inauguration of 614 beds. He said the hospital is providing treatment for the complicated diseases. He said open heart surgery and treatment of heart disease is also being provided.

He said he has met with the parents of the under treatment children and they told me that excellent treatment in being provided in every department. He said he congratulated the health minister, secretary, and principal, MS, doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital. He said Dr Salman is a heart surgeon and he is messiah of the children. He said surgery of very young children has been carried out and everybody prays for Dr Salman and his team because they are doing real service of the humanity. He said Pakistan was established for the service of the distressed humanity. He said we should all stand united to serve the distressed humanity, adding that surgery, medical treatment and medicines are being provided free of cost.

He said his message on Eid is that we should make efforts to resolve suffering of the distressed humanity through personal sacrifice. He said poor segments of the society should get their rights and everybody should get equal opportunities to move forward. He said bone marrow transplant will also be carried out in the Children’s Hospital, adding Prof. Dr Taj Shamsi is leading task of bone marrow transplant and such doctors are crown of our heads and they are earning blessings and rewards of this world and hereafter. He said the children of the elite class get costly medical treatment in the hospitals of London and the US and the Children’s Hospital provides medical facility of same standard. He said this is real change.

The chief minister said there is need of improvement in the cleanliness arrangements of the hospitals and he hopes that the hospital administration will take measures in this regard. He said heart surgeries will increase from 500 to 2000 after the construction of the new block at the cost of Rs2.5 billion which also include operation theatres. He said he is ready to render every kind of sacrifice for the country and he should not be distracted from the public service through baseless allegations so that he could focus on the public service and baseless allegations cannot stop him from doing public service. He said Allah Almighty has given answers to the allegation of corruption levelled in the Multan Metro Bus Service.

He said his statement has been endorsed through the embassy of the friendly country of China. He said China has given such a solid message that every allegation has been answered satisfactorily and no evidence is needed now. He said this is not only his success but the success of the 21 crore people. He said China has said clearly that that company does not work in Pakistan and this company has been awarded punishment for lying and dishonesty.

He said the statement of the Chinese government is the evidence of his innocence and the salute to the greatness of 21 crore Pakistanis. He said those levelling baseless allegations should see the result and now they should stop lying and levelling allegations. He said the respect of Pakistan and its people has increased in the eyes of China. He said the respect of Pakistan has also increased in the eyes of our opponents especially India.

He said India and opponents want to attack CPEC but CPEC has taken off due to collaboration of political and military leadership and it will complete with the blessings of Allah. He said India and its facilitators do not want to see CPEC progressing. He said the PTI does not want him to serve the countrymen selflessly but he will continue serving the people. He said he is ready to pay every price for the country and will make the country great and greater.

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