Drug Regulatory Authority responds to Detractors Sweeping Reforms Unnerve Vested Interests

Islamabad, November 07, 2017 (PPI-OT):In a strongly worded response to press conference by owner of a Pharma company, the Drug Regulatory Authority has said that Chaudhary Usman and his close associate Mr Noor Maher and other associates who addressed the press conference and claimed to be presidents of so called associations; is yet another series of lies and baseless allegations aimed at stalling the reform process undertaken by DRAP. Various such attempts clearly reflect motivated information for vested interest of culprits who are involved in manufacturing of illegal, banned and unregistered sex drugs. DRAP has started stern action against many such violators, and they are now misleading media with their wrong and baseless blames and twisting of facts.

DRAP said that Muhammad Usman, owner of Everest Pharmaceuticals, Islamabad is allegedly involved in heinous crime of illegal manufacturing of banned sex drugs (dapoxetine) under the name of Everlong alongwith unauthorized manufacturing of about 13 unregistered drugs (Esper 40/30, Sankol Plus, Penboll Plus, Syrup MT.D, Chill tablet, M.Plus tablet, Samprid tablet, multiple brands of Letrozole with brand names of REAP capsule, LINK tablet, LINK capsule and LEENA tablet) and violations of licensing rules. Manufacturing and sale of aforementioned un-registered drugs has also been reported by various professional bodies including KPPMA.

It is pertinent to mention that most of these combinations are not approved by any stringent drug regulatory authorities as their safety, efficacy and quality have not been established and their use is very harmful. One of associate of Muhammad Usman is Noor Mahar, who is reportedly involved in looting from alternate medicines and nutraceuticals’ registration applicants for corrupt practices, portraying himself as so called experts and consultant with connections in DRAP and Ministry. Whenever, actions were initiated by DRAP, Ministry or agencies, against these elements, they attempt to pressurize officials of DRAP and Ministry, for their vested interests so the cases against them be withdrawn.

DRAP has started stern actions against many such violators, and they are now misleading media with their wrong and baseless blames and twisting of facts. Computerization of drug Registration record has disturbed the miscreants, as some of them have fabricated and false documents therefore they are shouting and spreading disinformation, as this computerization will disclose such wrong deeds in the past. DRAP Registration and Pricing divisions denies any such missing of records which are all intact.

New initiatives in drug registration process including international quality CTD (common technical document) format for drug Registration dossier, 2D bar-coding on labelling, mandatory Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified source of raw materials of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and excipients, standardization of drug specification, etc, are worthy efforts of DRAP team to ensure the provision of quality drugs.

Similarly stern actions of DRAP, FIA and provincial governments, suspension and cancellation of drug licenses, registration cancellations, fines in crores, FIRs, impressments of violators of Drug Act 1976 and DRAP ACT 2012, the drug mafia has lost senses and every now and then coming up with lust and lies, defamation attempts, character assassination, fake complaints, legal cases, etc but DRAP and M/o NHSR and C are determined not to accept any pressure and take stern actions, across the board, against all these mafias, who are spreading Spurious, fake and counterfeit drugs, but government will clean this menace, in the larger public interest and patient safety.

Similarly, regarding drug pricing, a stringent mechanism is provided under Drug Pricing Policy, 2015, which is implemented in true spirit. Drug Pricing committee include members from all relevant stakeholders, provinces, etc and recommend the price fixation as per policy which is further re-scrutinized and finally price fixation is decided by Federal cabinet/ government.

DRAP further clarified that all recruitments, promotions and postings are as per rules and provisions and no orders of any court has been violated. Regarding recruitment again it was an across the board revision for all positions not only for Assistant Directors, and after due approvals, thus the claim is wrong. The process of recruitments last year was regarded as transparent, fair and totally on merit. It was appreciated by all including stake holders; The matter is more than a year old, the grudge now seems to be due to the reason that these new appointees are working hard and have moved away the cleric mafia and thus proceeding the cases only on merit base that on one side, is highly appreciated by stake holders, while on the other side have disturbed the wrong doers and corrupt practices.

Regarding Mr. Murad, it is again twisting of the facts. DRAP clarifies that all promotions and postings are as per rules and provisions with concurrence of Establishment Division. All payments of allowances are at par and same across the board for all staff on deputation. Thus, the false impression created is totally wrong. The case in reference to Dr Sh. Akhter, the referred letter is from NAB and not from Ministry of Health or NHSR and C or DRAP, therefore we can’t comment on it. Furthermore the matter is sub-judice, bringing it to media and press conference is an attempt of contempt of court, DRAP will move it accordingly. DRAP invites all worthy professionals and agencies to join hands in eradication of illegal, spurious and unregistered drugs from our beloved country with support from all responsible citizens.

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