President underscores that Islam is a complete code of life

Islamabad, April 02, 2019 (PPI-OT): President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), being a constitutional organ, has the unique role to play towards the propagation of such important social issues as cleanliness, inheritance, malnutrition, stunting, spacing of childbirth, environment, water conservation, and clean and green Pakistan. The president in a message to CII has directed it to realize the true potential of the Pulpit to sensitize the public, as was done in the golden era of Prophet Muhammad.

The President underscored that Islam is a complete code of life. Therefore, the Imam, who speaks to his community from the pulpit every Friday, needs to be guided that, along with advice on rituals and practice of Ibadah, his exhortations should also be for important social issues. He emphasized that Taharat is Sunnah and acting upon this Sunnah, we can prevent communicable diseases, which currently make up 41% of the total diseases in Pakistan. In this regard, the Sunnah of Miswak and Ablutions are exemplary, he added. The President pointed out that Islam has laid down clear laws of inheritance, so much so that Islam declares those who violate these laws as the perpetual residents of hell.

However, women are still deprived of inheritance on various pretences, e.g. Hibba. He underlined that laws alone are not enough; rather, the Pulpit must be used to motivate people to abide by those laws. The President has highlighted the plight of young married women who are subjected to successive pregnancies that result in malnutrition and stunting. Stunting, being an irreversible medical condition, is cruel to subject our children to, he added.

Once again, he urged CII to direct Imams to guide people of their communities about stunting, spaced child birth, and breastfeeding. The President stated that Islam emphasizes the protection of environment and the Pulpit can be used to amply motivate people to play their role in realizing a Clean and Green Pakistan. In this regard, the Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad should be our guiding principles, he added. The President also reminded CII of its role under article 230 (1)(a) of the Constitution, which placed upon CII the responsibility to help the legislative institutions in enabling and encouraging the Muslims of Pakistan to order their lives individually and collectively in light of Quran and Sunnah. He also invited the CII to advise about its role in the propagation of these messages.

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