PML-N Government given prime importance to elimination of energy crisis: Punjab Chief Minister

Lahore, November 01, 2017 (PPI-OT):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan Muslim League-N government has given prime importance to the elimination of energy crisis as well as restoring peace in the country when it came into power. The PML-N took solid steps for the restoration of sagging economy. Tremendous hard work has been done to hand over a peaceful, prosperous and economically self-reliant Pakistan to the future generations. This is the reason that Pakistan has been moving towards the right direction due to the untiring efforts of the PML-N government; and due to it, Pakistan of today is much more peaceful, strengthened and prosperous than that of 2013.

The clouds of darkness which had kept the country hostage for the last two decades have been shunned and the country, which was the victim of the darkness of load-shedding, has been moving towards lights. Thousands of megawatts electricity has been included in the national grid due to the completion of a number of energy projects. Four major energy projects have been completed in a record period of 22 months and the completion of on-going projects will ensure sufficient electricity in the future. He said this while talking to a delegation of PML-N office-bearers in London.

He said that energy crisis affected every sector of life including the national economy in the past and added that energy crisis, sagging economy and ruined institutions were the gifts of former corrupt rulers. On the other side, we have rid the nation of these problems. Former rulers blatantly plundered the hard earned money of the poor people and made a dacoity on their rights. The talented youth was deprived of their rights due to the violation of merit and the past rulers remain engaged in loot and plunder to such an extent which the nation cannot forget.

The country was a victim of poverty and deprivation due to the corruption and loot of these rulers, he added. The Chief Minister said that those who filled their pockets in the name of development projects had deprived the poor people of their right and when the PML-N started to wriggle the country out of the quagmire of crisis, the sit-in group intruded and development process was affected and development schemes were delayed due to the sit-in.

The sit-in politicians have increased the problems of the nation which was already suffering from difficulties. The change-mongers made a futile effort to obstruct the development process but the people were cognizant of their inner motives and therefore, remained oblivious of their negative motives. The national economy had to face losses worth billions of rupees due to sit-in and lockdown and the people of Pakistan will again reject such elements in the elections of 2018, concluded the Chief Minister.

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