Plea bargain is deem conviction

Islamabad, February 24, 2020 (PPI-OT):Corruption, a curse is the main challenge being confronted by the country posing a potential hurdle to the progress and prosperity of the country. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was established in 1999 to eradicate corruption and recover looted money from corrupt elements and deposit in national exchequer. Honourable Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB soon after assuming the responsibilities of Chairman NAB, adopted an affective national anti corruption strategy by adopting NAB’s Faith-Corruption free Pakistan” policy and apprehended more than 500 culprits elements, besides recovering Rs. 178 billion during the tenure of Honourable Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB.


Chairman NAB not only vowed to ensure accountability for all but also successfully implemented his policy across the board. He has persistently monitoring the weekly, fortnightly, monthly performance, midterm and annually of NAB Headquarters as well as all Regional Bureaus of NAB. The officers are being conveyed about their strengths and weakness regularly in order to have better performance which has started yielding excellent dividends.


NAB had already fixed ten months time to complete the process of initiating complaint versification, inquiries and investigations to filing a reference. NAB has further activated prosecution and operation divisions of NAB by appointing new investigation officers and law officers and provided them training on modern lines in order to inquire and pursue all cases mega cases vigorously in respected courts including cases of white collar crimes.


An accused can apply for plea bargain as per clause 25-B of NAB ordinance. NAB on his receipt of plea bargain request in which the accused admit his/her guilt, examines the plea bargain application of the accused as per law. The liability of the accused in determined on the basis of his looted money and after determination total liability of the accused, NAB informed the accused total liability and if agrees to return the looted money from the date of money he has looted, he submits first instalment to NAB which deposit it in national exchequer.


NAB forward plea Bargain request of the accused along with his total liability for final approval of the respective Accountability Court. The respective Accountability Court after appraisal of record, liability of the accused in the case, accords final approval of plea bargain of the accused. After approval of plea bargain request of the accused from Accountability Court, plea bargain is deem conviction.


After plea bargain, the Government servant is dismissed from service immediately after approval of plea bargain by Accountability. He becomes disqualified for Government service for his remaining life. A politician becomes disqualified for 10 years. He could not hold public office or contest elections for ten years. In case of a business, after plea bargain, he could not obtain loan from a schedule bank for ten years.


The whole amount recovered from a plea bargain is deposited in national exchequer and NAB officers do not receive any money/share of the recovered amount. Plea Bargain is prevalent in over thirty countries including USA, UAE and other countries of the world. In plea bargain accused only does not go to jail but he faced all other punishments under the relevant laws apply on the culprit.


During the tenure of Honourable Mr. Justice Javed, Iqbal, Chairman NAB, NAB’s performance has been appreciated by reputed national and international organizations like Transparency International, Pakistan, World Economic Forum, PILDAT and Mishsal Pakistan. Chairman NAB and his team consider elimination of corruption as their national duty. The elimination of corruption is collective responsibility of the whole nation.


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