Paying close attention to Shenyang, China, foreign journalists gave highly praise to this city’s charming culture and its economic development

SHENYANG, China, Sept. 11 , 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– From September 1st to 5th, journalists and representatives from Agency Prensa Latina, Tokyo Shimbun, Agencia Colpisa of Spain, the Lusa News Agency of Portugal and other media came to Shenyang, China for the first time, according to the Information Office of Shenyang Municipal Government. It was a good chance for these foreign journalists to have a deep study of Shenyang’s economic development and a personal experience of Shenyang’s charming culture.

The foreign journalists conducted field interviews and investigations to Shenyang Brilliance BMW factory, Chinese Industry Museum, Shenyang Yuanda Group, Shenyang Shengjing Embroidery Culture, Mukden Palace, Rice Dream Space Farmland in Shenbei new district, Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe and other places. They were intrigued by the traditions and modernity, folk customs and culture of Shenyang, the central city in northeast China, which impressed journalists with everything from handicraft production to large-scale equipment manufacturing and to drone research and development.

Bruce Davidson, CEO of Australian Associated Press, said that Shenyang is a very modern metropolis, which has neat and clean street roads. There are many enterprises in the industrial park, where spawning a lot of new projects. There is no doubt that Shenyang will attract more businesses around the world to invest in this valuable hot land.

On September 2nd, the foreign journalists were attracted by exquisite equipment manufacturing products at the expo site of the opening of the 18th Annual Chinese International Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Shenyang. Joao Pimenta, a reporter from the Lusa News Agency, expressed his appreciation for the great natural scenery and comfortable climatic condition of Shenyang. It is far beyond his imagination that Shenyang is such a potential city to be capable of producing so many internationally leading equipment manufacturing products and exporting them abroad. During this visiting period, the reporter of Prensa Latina issued the manuscript of “China shows the scientific and technological achievements of equipment manufacturing”.

In the production workshop of BMW factory in Tiexi, Shenyang, journalists were marveling at the scene of lots of robots were assembling auto parts methodically on modern assembly lines, leaving their praise of the hard power of Shenyang manufacturing. Visiting different kinds of industrial exhibits in the Chinese Industry Museum in Shenyang, the journalists witnessed the development and changes of China’s industry. “The economy of Shenyang is now starting to develop, and I want to report on that to the Japanese,” said Chihaya Tsuboi, a journalist from Tokyo Shimbun.

When visiting Mukden Palace Museum and the Shenyang acrobatic troupe, the journalists were impressed by China’s ancient and splendid culture. At the Rice Dream Space Farmland in Shenbei new district, Shenyang, journalists were shocked by the ecological agriculture and modern agriculture in shenyang and took lots of photos for memory. “Shenyang is not only a city with a traditional culture, but also a charming metropolis, I like Shenyang very much,” said Zigor Aldama, a reporter from Agencia Colpisa.

Liu Zhuangye, director of the information office of Shenyang municipal government, said that Shenyang is a central city in northeast China, a famous historical and cultural city in China and an excellent tourist city. According to the information office of Shenyang municipal government, Shenyang is China’s advanced equipment manufacturing base, a national pilot zone for comprehensive reform and a pilot zone for free trade. With the undergoing changes, traditional manufacturing industry is being replaced by high-end manufacturing industry with new technologies, Shenyang is accelerating its innovation and development.

Source: The Information Office of Shenyang Municipal Government

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