Over 100 Foreign Teenagers Experience Chinese Kungfu in Zhengzhou, China

ZHENGZHOU, China, Nov. 20, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– From October 21 to November 1, the final rounds of the 12th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students took place in central China’s Zhengzhou City, the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu. During the competition, more than 120 contestants from 105 countries visited Shaolin Temple and experienced the unique charm of Shaolin Kungfu.

“My biggest wish to come to China this time is to see the real Chinese Kungfu,” said Lu Jingmao from New Zealand. On Oct. 25, he came to Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Chinese martial arts, as he wished. Together with other competitors, Lu watched exciting Kungfu performances, listened to the legend of Shaolin Temple, and appreciated the long-standing Shaolin culture.

Vigorous and powerful Shaolin boxing, exciting Shaolin Hard Qigong, various forms of weapons in 18 kinds, splendid Shaolin martial arts won great admiration from the contestants. They took photos one after another, some even imitated the movements on the spot.

In addition to visiting the world-famous Shaolin Temple, the contestants also visited other local spots. In Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area, the youngsters payed homage to the statues of Emperors Yan and Huang, and overlooked the magnificent scene of Yellow River. While in Sandu Camping Park, they put on Chinese traditional Hanfu clothing, and experience China’s ancient method of woodcut painting and papermaking. By visiting Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park, contestants realized the beauty of Chinese landscape gardens.

The colorful Chinese culture ignite competitors’ passion. “Chinese language makes me see the diversity of culture and the vastness of the world,” said Ma Hongbo, a 17-year-old Hungarian.

According to Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, member of the Preparatory Committee of the 12th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students, Zhengzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals of China and the birthplace of Chinese civilization. With profound culture, beautiful landscape and developed transportation network, Zhengzhou has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, attracting global tourists to explore China’s past, present and future.

As a large-scale international Chinese competition, it has attracted more than 1.4 million teenagers from more than 150 countries to participate since 2002.

Source: Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism

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