OIC special envoy on Kashmir calls on President Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Islamabad, March 04, 2020 (PPI-OT): The Special Envoy of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Secretary-General on Jammu and Kashmir Yousef Aldobeay called on Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir here at the President House in Muzaffarabad and discussed major issues in connection to the humanitarian crisis in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK).


Mr. Yousef Aldobeay was accompanied by a high-level delegation comprising Ambassador Rizwan Shiekh, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the OIC, Mr. Ahmad Sereer, Director of Asian Affairs OIC Secretariat, members of the Political Affairs Department OIC Secretariat and representatives of the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Solidarity Fund.


Welcoming the delegation to the Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir, the AJK President highly appreciated the proactive and constructive role of the Special Envoy and the OIC for highlighting the Kashmir dispute since the recent developments in the region.


The President said that the OIC is the only multi-lateral organization that has designated a Special Envoy on Kashmir and it has over the years issued concrete and strong-worded statements on the repression taking place in IOJK. He especially thanked the OIC for its bold communiqué that it issued in backdrop of the August 5 moves taken by India, during the meeting of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly Session.


The AJK President informed that as the Special Envoy of the OIC, Yousef Aldobeay represents all 57 OIC member nations and all the Muslims of the world. He said that Muslims all over the globe and particularly the Muslims of oppressed regions like IOJK, Palestine and Myanmar look towards the OIC as their singular voice.


Informing the Special Envoy and the delegates on the current situation in IOJK, the AJK President said that people in IOJK face genocide and which has been acknowledged by the international media, world parliaments and also human rights organizations. He added that US-based Genocide Watch has declared that IOJK has entered the 8th stage of the 10 stages of genocide that have been defined by them. India, he said is now in the preparatory stage for genocide in IOJK which will be followed by the execution of the genocide. “We must act fast and stop the extermination of the innocent Kashmiris living in IOJK”, he said


Citing the report issued by the National Federation for Indian Women, after August 5, 13,000 young Kashmiris have been illegally picked up and detained in prison houses all over India. The current Chief of Defence Staff of India has said that these young Kashmiris are more dangerous than pellet-firing shotguns as they chant the slogans of Azadi. Young Kashmiris who have been detained will be sent to so-called “de-radicalization camps” where they will be subjected to unimaginable torture, said Masood Khan.


“Our hearts bleed when we narrate these horrifying stories of torture and subjugation. The whole population of IOJK looks up to Allah Almighty for salvation”, said, President Masood. The AJK President went on to inform that IOJK with the presence of 900,000 Indian troops has become the most heavily militarized area of the world. Deployment of troops in such a concentration was not even seen in World War II, he reiterated. India officials have cited the figure of 200-250 as the total number of “miscreants” active in IOJK and the claim of infiltration of personnel across the Line of Control is totally false. These 900,000 troops are not in IOJK to fight terrorism but they have been deployed in fear of the growing indigenous freedom movement led by unarmed Kashmiris, said Masood Khan.


President Khan also highlighted the persecution of Muslims taking place in Delhi and other major cities of India. People in amass are protesting against the Citizen Amendment Act, he said, adding that 46 Muslims have been killed till now and these are random killings but are planned by the Hindutva zealots. He said that whatever now is taking place in Indian cities has been taking place in IOJK for the past 70 years. “We request the OIC to intervene and save our Muslim brothers and sisters. They too are part of the Muslim Ummah”, appealed Masood khan.


Mr. Yousef Aldobeay while speaking on the occasion said that the issue of Kashmir is very close to our heart and all 57 OIC member nations are on the same page regarding its resolution. The OIC Special Envoy said that the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir is only possible through peaceful means. He urged that the UN SC resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir must be implemented and OIC believes that OIC’s resolutions be also implemented. He said that OIC appreciates the restraint shown by Pakistan in these trying times and we believe that political and peaceful dialogue is the only solution for resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir issue.


He went to say that his regular interactions with the AJK President have been very motivating and has considerably helped him in understanding the issue. The President also informed him of the grave situation along the Line of Control and appreciated the initiative of the Special Envoy to visit the LOC and see for himself the on-ground situation. He said that the population living along the LOC is being targeted by indiscriminate fire from Indian forces. “Our forces have displayed restraint because we consider the people on the other side as our own”, he said.


Masood Khan said that the people of Pakistan and Kashmir believe in dialogue but this has not yielded any results because has used every manoeuvre to sabotage talks. He went on to say that no talks would be successful without the representation of the true Kashmiri leadership. He urged the Special Envoy that through his influence he may consult the Saudi Arabian government to use its clout and persuade India to stop the massacre in IOJK.


The AJK President also welcomed the developmental initiatives of the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Solidarity Fund has taken up in AJK. He urged the OIC Special Envoy to help implement the recommendations of the OIC-IPHRC’s report, firstly, for calling a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against India and, secondly, initiate projects in the livelihood sector, health and education in IOJK and refugee camps in AJK under the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Solidarity Fund. The President along with the OIC Special Envoy also talked to the media present on the occasion.


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