National Assembly special committee for affected employees 

Islamabad, February 28, 2023 (PPI-OT):The twenty-ninth meeting of the special committee of the National Assembly for affected employees was held under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Qadir Khan Mandukhel. Member Power WAPDA Jameel Akhtar told the committee that on the order of the committee, Chairman WAPDA has rehabilitated 17 affected employees of Tarbela Dam and will not make any employee to vacate the house and has issued an advertisement as per the rules and regulations in which These 17 employees will be regularized.

The committee ordered that the employees should be regularized by completing the process within 14 days and the regular orders of these 17 employees should be submitted to the committee.

Manoor etc. 26 employees member Water Ghazi Brotha report sought, notices issued to the concerned project members on the requests of other employees as well.

Ministry of Marine Affairs.

The chairman committee asked for the implementation of the orders reverted.

The officers said that they have started work for the approval of the board of directors for the restoration of sun quota and the implementation of other orders. Orders to implement all orders and report tomorrow at 2 o’clock otherwise legal action will be taken.

Capital Development Authority (CDA)

The officers told the committee about the progress on the implementation report that according to the orders of the committee, the contracts of 136 employees have been extended. To regularize these employees, they will regularize all these employees after taking approval from the upcoming meeting of the board of directors.

The committee ordered that 136 employees should be regularized within 10 days and the problem of Jahangir Shah employee should be resolved. 4 employees of CDA told the committee that despite the order of the Supreme Court, the organization is not restoring us. On which the committee ordered the Joint Secretary Interior and Chairman CD to restore the four seceded employees including Akhtar Abbas Awan, Fida Hussain, Babar Saeed and Muhammad Saeed within a week.

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad

The employees told the committee that we are 10 women teachers who are working on daily wages, not being regularized.

The committee ordered the Chairman CDA and Ministry of Home Affairs to regularize all these teachers within 10 days.

Ministry of Privatization Division

While presenting the report, the officers told the committee that there are no seceded employees, there were 5 on contract who have been regularized in the light of the committee’s orders, 8 employees are working on daily wages.

The chairman committee said why these daily wages were not regularized despite clear orders.

The committee ordered that all these daily wages employees be regularized within a week.

Ministry of Economic Affairs Division

Abdul Razzaq etc employees told the committee that we 8 employees who were working as daily wages since 2009 were not regularized and were fired without any notice in 2018.

The committee ordered that the problems of these employees should be resolved within 15 days.


The officers told the committee that a meeting was held with 39 employees on the order of the committee, out of which 37 have been reinstated, apart from this, a special review committee has been formed in the organization to solve the problems of the employees so that all the employees they can solve their problems by meeting together.

The chairman committee ordered that 298 employees should be called region-wise to solve the problems and report to the committee.

Cabinet Division

The employees said that in 2019 we fired 12 employees, we were working in Pepra,

The committee asked Additional Secretary Asim Iqbal to revert within a week.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

The officers told the committee that they have contacted the Establishment Division and the Ministry of Law to implement the orders of the committee, they are waiting for the response.

The committee ordered that no property should be given to the provinces and the problem of all these employees should be resolved within a week and returned to the committee.

SME Bank

The officers said that there are 86 employees, whose case is also going on in the court, these employees are not only of SME Bank, their problem has to be solved by the National Bank, and Muhammad Hanif Secd employee said that I am not being reinstated.

The committee ordered that the case of 85 and other 4 employees be reviewed and a full report be given to the committee in the next meeting to be convened by SME Bank.

Members of National Assembly MNA Asia Azim, MNA Kishore Zehra and MNA Naveed Ameer Jeeva participated in the meeting.

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