Modi proved to be butcher of Kashmiris, Indian Muslims

Islamabad, September 17, 2020 (PPI-OT): Fascist Narendra Modi has proved to be a butcher for the people of Indian illegally occupied Kashmir and the Muslims in India. An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service maintained that the Modi government continues to commit the genocide of Kashmiris as four persons including a woman have been killed in Srinagar even on his birthday, today.

“Modi is a tyrant for butchering Muslims in Gujarat and IIOJK. He is a war criminal for his atrocities against Muslims across India and IIOJK. His tyrannical nature is at display in the occupied territory,” it said. The report said, global organization Genocide Watch has already warned that genocide of Muslims will be carried out in IIOJK and the Indian state of Assam.

“In 2002 Gujarat pogrom, over 2,000 Muslims were killed and more than 2,500 others injured on Modi’s orders when he was Chief Minister of the western Indian state. Modi government has amended citizenship laws to disenfranchise the Muslims and other minorities in India. Over 50 people were injured in anti-Muslim riots in New Delhi in February this year following protests against the new citizenship laws,” it said.

The report said that lynching of Muslims by the members of Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party in India point to the fact how minorities, particularly Muslims, were being targeted across the country. It said that as per Human Rights Watch at least 44 people had been killed and about 280 others injured in more than 100 attacks by Hindu nationalists between May 2015 and December 2018.

The report pointed out that atrocities in IIOJK have soared to new heights since Modi’s ascent to power in India. It said that for his crimes against humanity, Modi would top the list of all-time tyrants of the world. “A trained fanatic of fascist RSS, Modi is a modern-day Hitler. Modi is the promoter of Hindutva ideology which is similar to Nazism. He will be remembered as an oppressor in history. Arrogant, fascist Modi is a blot on humanity,” it added.

The report warned that Modi’s Hindutva ideology is a threat to global peace as he wants to implement Hindu hegemony and Hindu way of life in IIOJK. It deplored that India under Modi has become an authoritarian state. Modi government’s 5th August move of repealing the special status of IIOJK and putting it under military siege endangered the peace and stability in South Asia and brought Pakistan and India to the brink of war, it said. Maintaining that rise of Modi to helm in India has increased instability in South Asia and beyond, the report said that the international community must stand against the fascism perpetrated by Narendra Modi.

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