Message of the President Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Kashmir Black Day, 27th October

Muzaffarabad, October 27, 2020 (PPI-OT):The 27th of October is the darkest day in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. Today, 73 years ago, the Indian occupation forces landed in Kashmir, and since then Indian Governments have been pursuing a policy of genocide, killing of civilians, blinding, rape and disappearances to subjugate the valiant people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Last year, on August 5, 900,000 Indian occupation forces invaded, reoccupied and annexed the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in contravention of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and international law. Ever since, Kashmir has been under siege and its people have been subjected to unbridled tyranny and terrorism.

We condemn the policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing being pursued by Hindutva-driven fascist leaders who are trampling the rights of the Kashmiri people with impunity. We denounce India’s attempts to redefine Jammu and Kashmir’s geography and crush the will of the people.

We thank the international civil society, including media networks, influential parliaments and human rights movement for raising their voice for the rights of the Kashmiris and for demanding accountability of India.

On this day, we reiterate our strong resolve to liberate Kashmir from Indian foreign occupation. We salute the resolute people of Jammu and Kashmir for not capitulating despite relentless Indian oppression for the past seven decades.

Injustice against Kashmiris is injustice against humanity. And yet the international forums that make decisions are caught in a web of expediency and economic interests. We demand that Kashmiris be given an opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination and urge the global leadership to intervene, save Kashmiris and avert a nuclear holocaust in the region.

Kashmiris have given their blood for liberty. They will not rest until they get freedom from India’s colonial rule. We have vowed to continue our struggle until the dark pall of the 27th of October is removed from our history.

Long Live Azad Kashmir

Long Live Pakistan

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