Message from Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons

Islamabad: The Disabled Persons Day is an occasion to reflect on the problems of special people with disabilities and ponder over how to achieve the same standard as exists in other civilized nations in addressing the problems and issues faced by the special people.

The observance today of International Day of Persons with disabilities aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well being of persons with disabilities.

The theme of this year “Together for a better world for all: Including persons with disabilities in development” calls for harnessing the potential of special people in achieving national development goals. It reminds us that the Society should be structured in a way that it not only meets this needs of special people but also engage them in the task of national development.

We need to revitalize efforts for providing equal opportunities to all including persons with disabilities both in the public and private sector. Our disabled brothers and sisters have taught us, who suffer from no mental or physically disability, that we will never be able to count the blessings of Allah for bestowing on us a life free of any disability to pursue our goals and to our dreams. And we must remember that disability can strike anyone at anytime.

After Eighteenth Amendments now the provincial governments have been entrusted to take steps for providing special people including the persons with disabilities a conducive and congenial environment and make their lives comfortable and the nation prosperous, healthy and tolerant. I am confident provinces would dispense with their obligations in a responsible manner. They need to take urgent steps to attend to the special needs of special people.

On this International day, I call upon government institutions, civil society, philanthropists, and International community to make coordinated and concerted efforts to remove the attitudinal, physical and social barriers in meeting the Millennium Development Goals with the active participation of special persons with disabilities. I also wish to assure the special people that the government is committed to taking special measure to meet their special needs.

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