Libya’s FM briefs heads of diplomatic missions on latest developments in Tripoli

Tripoli Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siala met with the heads of diplomatic missions and charges d’affaires accredited to Libya, at the ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Siala briefed the diplomats on the latest developments of the attack on Tripoli, praising their solidarity and presence in the capital. He stressed that their presence is a practical response to the misleading reports of departure of the diplomatic missions from Tripoli. The foreign minister apprised the diplomatic personnel on the current situation including the assaults on innocent civilians, as well as the shelling of densely populated residential areas which resulted in human casualties and the destruction of public and private property.

Siala also reviewed the steps taken by the Foreign Ministry in the Security Council to issue a resolution condemning the attacks on the civilians. He urged all the missions to make efforts to convey to the international community the real picture of current events.

The minister further called on the international community to take a firm position on these violations against the civilians and to force the aggressors to halt the attack and return to their sites before 3 April. He emphasized the need to differentiate between the aggressor forces that practice terrorism and intimidation, and the forces defending the lives and property of the civilian population in Tripoli.

Siala stressed that protection of diplomatic missions and their premises is crucial to the Libyan Presidential Council, adding that ensuring their safety and security is one of the top priorities of the Government of National Accord.

Ambassador of DR Congo, Dean of Diplomats in Libya Jules Mbilu Mboungu expressed the solidarity of the diplomatic missions with the Government of National Accord and thanked the Libyan foreign minister for this meeting.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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