India’s ‘electoral autocracy’ exposed to the world, AJK President

Islamabad, March 14, 2021 (PPI-OT): The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan has said that in spite of India’s repression and irredentism, the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir are determined to continue their struggle for their freedom and right to self-determination.

While commenting on the latest report compiled and released by Sweden’s V-Dem Institute which stated that India is no longer an “electoral democracy” but it has become an “electoral autocracy”, the state president maintained that uncalled for curbs on media and the discriminatory treatment towards minorities and the civil society in India may be a new development for the world, but the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been aware of its sham democracy for the past 70 years.

Saying that India’s false narrative on Kashmir is getting fast exposed to the world,” the president asserted that the time is not far off when the tyrant and oppressors would be brought to justice.

“Despite India’s policy of irredentism, Kashmiris are determined to continue their struggle for freedom. They are giving their blood to keep the flame of liberty burning bright. We can say with conviction that the truth will ultimately prevail and the criminals will be brought to justice,” Khan said.

He went on to say that Indian occupation troops are killing innocent Kashmiri people and burying them in unmarked graves for their just and democratic demand of freedom and right to self-determination. The cruel army is using sexual violence against Kashmiri women as a weapon of war, while they kidnapped youth are subjected to the worst torture in prisons and concentration camps to compel them to give up demanding freedom and the right to self-determination.

Sardar Masood Khan said that Nature is kind enough to the Kashmiri people because Narendra Modi and the ruling clique are carrying out such actions which are gradually exposing the Indian state to the international community.

“The international community is now realizing that the Narendra Modi regime and its Hindutva based policies have posed a serious threat to not only the Muslims of South Asia but the whole mankind,” he added. The AJK president said that the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir are valiantly and firmly resisting the Indian imperialism, and the day is not far off when the dawn of freedom, liberty and justice will emerge out of the long night of tyranny and injustice.

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