In 18 months of the PTI government, not a single MW of electricity could be produced, but corruption increased three times: Jam Ikramullah Dharejo

Karachi, January 23, 2020 (PPI-OT): Sindh Minister for Industries and Commerce and Cooperative Department Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo has said that the selected government has made a horrible joke with the country and the people as well in the name of change. For the first time in ten years, Pakistan has increased the list of most corrupt countries by three levels, and it is very worrying that in the period of PTI’s selected government in the country, not even one MW of electricity has been produced. This he said while talking to various delegations at his office here today.


Provincial Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that the selected government was empowered by calling on the votes of the people, including journalists, administrative and electoral corruption and no better results could be achieved in the rule of those whose foundation was laid on corruption. He said, ‘ Development works are completely closed, inflation has made the life of the common man a hell and instead of improving the economic situation of the common man, the unqualified players and their team are responsible for lying only and only.


He said that a report by Transparency International had disclosed the inefficiency and corruption of PTI government and it was a regrettable matter that in PTI government, country’s corruption index had gone up. Provincial Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said those who have not yet been able to form a comprehensive legislation in Parliament, how will the country develop under their rule.


He said that instead of granting rights to the provinces, the Eighteenth Amendment is constantly being violated by the federal government, which has left the provinces vulnerable to feeling sense of humiliation and deprivation. He said that the people of Sindh province are being victimized day by day due to the discriminatory attitude of the federal government.


The Sindh, which supplies 75% gas to the country, is being deprived of gas while its natural resources are not being processed according to law and constitution. Minister for Industries and Commerce and Cooperative Department Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo demanded the federal government to give provinces the rights according to the constitution of Pakistan.


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