Gaur Narsind’s speech at the special session of the senate on the occasion of Golden Jubilee in Islamabad

Karachi, March 16, 2023 (PPI-OT): Gaur Narsind Kamran Khan Tesori while addressing a special meeting held in Islamabad on Golden Jubilee of the Senate said that we make many talks and speeches, which are very beautiful and beautiful, but we should think that would we be able to implement them? He said that we have to think that who is responsible for the economic conditions Pakistan is going through today and the social conditions it is facing.

He said that the countries, which started the journey of development with us, what is the reason and what, are the factors that they have gone far and Pakistan is standing there. We all know how the situation is in the country, the youth of this country is still looking for employment opportunities despite getting higher education, if a qualified youth does not get anything in this country, he will go out of the country, an economy If Dan and businessman do not get good opportunities in the country, they too He will go to another country and do his business and this is what is happening in these seventy five years. Kamran Khan Tesori said that Allah Almighty has enriched Pakistan with natural resources; sixty percent of the population consists of Navajuns.

He said that we are engaged in fixing each other, while we should fix the conditions of our people. He said that we have become a good doctor, engineer, politician everything but we lack to become a good human being. Governor Sindh said that since I have been sitting on this position, I have determined one thing that to do any work, character, intention and intention are needed, not authority.

He said that the mistakes made by us should not be highlighted; I would request the media not to make small news into a film or a drama, because the countries of the whole world are watching all this, due to which our image of the country is damaged.

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