Future of Pakistan is in democracy: Chairman Senate

Islamabad, October 03, 2016 (PPI-OT): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has said that the future of Pakistan is in democracy and the Parliament and those who have something else in their mind are living in a fools’ paradise. Any effort to weaken the democratic process and Constitutional Parliamentary system would be a threat to the federation. A strong parliamentary administration and transparency could further augment the parliamentary system in the country.

He expressed these views while addressing inauguration ceremony of the ‘Clerks of Parliament’ at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) here today. He said that the concept of the ‘Clerks of Parliament’ is not new in the parliamentary democracy and parliaments across the world but it has been introduced for the first time in the Senate of Pakistan. The youth inducted through a transparent process would pave the way for an energetic and strong parliamentary administration and expressed the hope that provincial assemblies would also follow the House of Federation in this venture to better facilitate the parliamentarians in the country.

The Chairman was of the view that conscious efforts were made by different forces in the past to keep the Parliament in isolation from the people of Pakistan. After the 18th amendment Pakistan has become a true federation, however, this Constitutional development also calls for giving more powers to Senate of Pakistan to represent the federating units in a true essence of the Constitution.

He said that in the Joint Sitting of the Parliament, the Upper House, representing the federating units, losses his importance on the basis of the vote count as the number of vote count of the Senate of Pakistan is even less than the votes of the Province of Punjab in the National Assembly. He feared that in case of a fresh census, the number of votes of the National Assembly would further increase and will cross a figure of 400 which is on a much higher side when compared with the 104 members of Senate in a joint sitting of the Parliament.

He said that the concept of Senate in this context goes to wind and the makers of the 1973 Constitution was be turning in their graves over the situation. He said that the Constitution requires close coordination between the provinces and the Upper House and even the members of the Provincial Assemblies and the Chief Ministers can present their issues in the Upper House as is the practice in the advance democracies but there is no interaction between the Senate of Pakistan and the Provinces which is in negation of a true federation. He said that the federation cannot run while keeping the Upper House in isolation.

The Chairman appreciated the efforts of the Senate Secretariat, Institution of Business Administration (IBA) and PIPS for successful initiative of the ‘Clerks of the Parliament’ and welcomes the first batch of ‘Clerks of Parliament’. The event was also addressed by Secretary Senate Amjed Pervez Malik who elaborated the process and objectives of the initiative. Director IBA Dr. Shahid Raza Mir and Executive Director PIPS Zafarullah Khan also spoke on the occasion.

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