Fortem Technologies Wins “Innovative Security Product of the Year” From Future Security Awards 2019

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fortem Technologies, a leading provider of airspace awareness, safety and security solutions for a drone world, announces it has won the “Innovative Security Product of the Year” from Future Security Awards 2019, an award that recognizes the best security minds and projects in the Middle East. Fortem is expanding its presence in the Middle East through deployments of its airspace security solutions across a diverse range of sites.

“This week’s devastating attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries has opened the public’s eyes to security vulnerabilities facing the world’s critical infrastructure above the fence line, and below existing air-defense systems,” said Fortem Technologies CEO Tim Bean. “We created Fortem to prevent careless, clueless or malicious actors from misusing drones so that we can reap the benefits that drones bring to society. We’re honored to be recognized for our solution in the Middle East and will diligently continue implementing our technology worldwide.”

Future Security Awards, organized by, a leading security media group in the Middle East, recognizes individuals, businesses and vendors that have delivered groundbreaking business value through innovative application of security technologies. Future Security Awards received over 150 nominations, and 23 organizations and IT security leaders were honoured at the awards ceremony, attended by 200 industry leaders. Images from the award ceremony can be found here.

“Most of the defensive systems built and deployed worldwide are designed to counter higher-end fast moving threats – not the multitude of smaller, low flying drones that are readily available today,” said Jim Housinger, former Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Air Defense Commander and NATO Chief Operations Planner. “Fortem fills a critical void in capability by providing detection, acquisition and a method to safely capture and remove the threat, even in populated areas.”

Fortem’s array of solutions includes TrueView radar, the world’s smallest, most accurate and cost efficient radar of its kind, as well as SkyDome®, the adaptable AI platform that fuses TrueView radar and other sensor outputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. By detecting and assessing airborne threats, SkyDome anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel, cue defensive measures or launch DroneHunter to autonomously neutralize dangerous or malicious drones. SkyDome is the only platform that achieves total airspace awareness, safety and security.

About Fortem Technologies, Inc.

Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, safety and security. Through an advanced ecosystem of distributed radar, AI at-the-edge, deep sensor integration and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors, protects and defends the world’s corridors, venues, infrastructures, borders and regions from dangerous or malicious drone threats. The same ecosystem is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by Boeing, Signia Venture Partners, DCVC, Mubadala Investment Company and others. For more information, please visit

Natalie Schoen
Fortem Technologies