Federal Board of Revenues initiative to bring restaurants under tax net

Islamabad: RTO, Rawalpindi and Islamabad has initiated action u/s 40(B) of the Sales Tax Act in respect of a number of restaurants situated in their jurisdiction as a campaign to realize maximum revenue from the sales tax. Needless to mention that high profile sales tax payers such as these restaurants, charge sales tax from customers but a number of them do not deposit the tax duly collected in the government treasury. By effective monitoring, sales tax revenue has increased considerably over the preceding years.

As a result of this initiative Peacock restaurant on Motorway (M-II) at Kalar Kahar has been charged Rs. 38 (M) in tax liability by the RTO, Rawalpindi after due process of law. The tax liability has also been upheld in 1st appeal by commissioner IR (Appeals-III), Islamabad. The recovery proceedings are under way.

For more information, contact:
Syeda Naureen Zahra
Secretary PR
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
Tel: +9251 920 8407

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