Farooq Rehmani expresses grief over unabated killings in Indian occupied Kashmir

Islamabad, November 25, 2016 (PPI-OT):The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has expressed profound grief and gloom over an unabated wave of brutal killings by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir since July 8, 2016.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said that he equally showed concern over the unprovoked Indian shelling on the civilians in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, targeting 10 passengers of a bus, and an ambulance in the Lawat village of Neelam Valley. Following is the text of the letter;

“It’s utter regretful that the UN has failed to invoke the relevant articles of the UN Charter and the Security Council resolutions on Kashmir vis-a-vis the home-grown upsurge for freedom against India’s military occupation in Kashmir, during the 2016 session of the General Assembly.

The dark events of at least past 4 months in Kashmir should have served as an eye-opener to you. The purposes of the UN are stated in the Art. 1 of the Charter, the speeches and counter speeches by the PM Pakistan and Indian minister in the General Assembly, and India’s military tactics to muzzle the voice of the Kashmiris as a grave threat to peace and humanity, regretfully, have not evoked any response from the World Body. With the result, the inhabitants of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been left at the mercy of circumstances.

The Indian regime has further more sharpened its savage teeth of military operations on the Kashmiris. The repressive measures to quell the peaceful protesters are taking more ugly forms. The illegal restrictions against the peaceful political and religious duties and activities of the joint resistance leadership have not been lifted but instead re-imposed under greater muscle power of the police.

The people of Kashmir, en-mass the demand of freedom/referendum from corner to corner, lane to lane, end to end, East to West and North to South; in cities, towns, villages, in accordance with the UN resolutions and pledges made in the last century after the independence of India and Pakistan. Are not Kashmiris human beings? The UN has formulated and adopted numerous ways and alternatives on its statute book to address a crisis, but so far no method has been applied to Kashmir.

The Narendra Modi-led regime of extremist Hindutva ideology is carrying on ruthlessly, killing operations day and night – by pellet firing on huge public processions – killing, blinding and injuring thousands of men, women and children with impunity in the Kashmir Valley and Chenab Valley (Jammu). All the pellet victims, blinded or wounded are lying on beds either in hospitals or in their homes.

The unprecedented curfew since July continues and police and paramilitary raids and crackdowns are carried to arrest, beat, kill and humiliate inmates during nocturnal raids besides stoning houses to harass the people. Some deaths due to cardiac arrest have been reported during such dreadful police raids in various parts of Kashmir. The police and military authorities raid houses and party offices to arrest the people as if some torpedo is blowing through the length and breadth of Kashmir.

A dreadful and mysterious campaign of burning schools has been unleashed and about 30 such institutions have been set on fire to mar future of the youth and children. Under the wind mill of state terrorism thousands of youth have been put behind bars and many more have been booked under the draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA). The human rights activists are not spared as the regime is wary of such voices in its ferocious drive against the right of self-determination struggle.

It proves the hollowness of India’s human rights claims as a democratic state. Besides depriving Hurriyet leaders of their fundamental Friday and Eid prayer-rights even long before the Burhan Wani episode, funeral processions and graveyard gatherings of martyrs are also being targeted by pallet guns, to add to the number of killings and wounded/blinded persons.

It’s deeply regretted that now India has widened her horrible military campaign to the AJK across the LOC, which has dangerous ramifications for peace and stability of the whole region. On November 23, Indian troops hit a passenger bus and an ambulance in the Neelam Valley, killing 10 innocent passengers. Thus by its bloody military campaign, across the LoC, India is bent upon converting its war against the Kashmiris into a border dispute between the two countries.

Obviously, India’s policies, ill-designs and actions in Jammu and Kashmir are a sufficient proof of endangering the regional peace, security and welfare of a sea of humanity, besides sabotaging the internationally recognized right – the right of self-determination. The people of Kashmir are paying an enormous cost of their life, property, and honour for their birth right and would not compromise their right to choose their political destiny at any stage or period of time, however rough or tough the path may be made by the despotic regime of India.

Hence, we appeal to you and it is incumbent upon you as the Secretary General of the World Organisation to initiate necessary steps in line with the UN Charter and the Security Council resolutions for the settlement of the decades-old conflict which threatens the international peace and security than ever before. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are in the throes of the pangs of their political struggle, offering inconceivable sacrifices for peace and freedom in front of a huge army, equipped with highly modern sophisticated arms and ammunition.” KMS

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