Farah Gogi case is a charge sheet against Imran Niazi: CM Hamza Shahbaz

Lahore, May 05, 2022 (PPI-OT):Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has said that it is my best effort to bring ease in the lives of a common man and get the blessings of Allah Almighty adding that he is doing all this to serve the humanity of Allah Almighty and will continue to do so. He was talking with media persons on Eid-ul-Fitr at the Children Hospital.

Hamza Shahbaz said that the solution to the country’s problems lies to tread on the path of unity, tolerance, mutual consultation and lenience adding that all political parties should think of their country. He disclosed that the growth rate during the tenure of Nawaz Sharif was 5.8% as people were getting employment and CPEC was going on.

He lamented that CPEC became sluggish during the tenure of Imran Niazi and the economy was raised to the ground. He remarked that our elders had attained this country by laying down their lives and today their souls must be feeling unease.CM vowed that he along with his team will move forward by taking into account the sufferings of the people.

He denounced that those people had deceived the youth of this nation by showing them false dreams of giving one crore jobs and building 50 lac houses even demolished the dwellings of the poor adding that instead got Bani Gala house regularised. He stated that it is a crime to play with someone’s emotions and give false hope to someone.

Hamza Shahbaz censured that Imran Niazi not only snatched away livelihoods of the people but also made them unemployed. He reprimanded that Imran Niazi made false claim of making Madina State but did everything to the other way round. When the false claimant was Madina State was accounted for Tosha Khana then he is left with no answer adding that foreign funding case is clamouring loud and clear that he indulged into money laundering and concealed tax returns.

What to say of making a New Pakistan even if Old Pakistan got ruined, he added. He maintained that it is not the responsibility of one political party but of all the political parties to work collectively to find solutions to national problems adding that if the wheel of national economy runs then politics will run. He highlighted that we will have to put our ego aside and will have to strive hard inside as well as outside the Parliament.

CM emphasised that we will not take revenge from anyone but the law will take its own course adding that any of our actions will not smack of revenge. He regretted that the President of Pakistan and the Governor Punjab do not obey LHC order nor accept the constitution and the law. He warned that disrespecting the law will make you pay a heavy price. Hamza Shahbaz outlined that our intentions are right and will Allah willing will resolves the problems of the masses with dedication.

He underscored that the country got ruined during the tenure of Imran Niazi and the economy got collapsed adding that Imran Niazi used to claim that if he would go to the IMF then he would commit suicide. He did not commit suicide himself but created such conditions in which children of the nation are committing suicide, his added.

CM stressed that the ring road scandal, flour scandal, sugar scandal and medicines scandals are linked with the members of the previous cabinet and they all had been sitting together in Bani Gala. He vociferously remarked that Imran Niazi and his fellow colleagues will have to account for all these scandals. He lamented that he did injustice to the children of this nation, snatched away bread from their mouth and this nation as well as court of the people take account for your misdeeds and you to will have to be answerable and account for your actions.

CM stated Imran Niazi did political victimisation activities in his tenure and nabbed Shahbaz Sharif Saaf Pani Case and 16 persons got acquitted during the tenure of PTI government adding that that case was a heap of lies.CM remarked that he got arrested Shahbaz Sharif in the money laundering case and detained myself for 22 months.

He said that he handed over the same case to the National Crime Agency and they did across the board investigations and not a single penny of corruption was proved against him.CM maintained that not a single corruption case was proved against Nawaz Sharif and warned Imran Niazi to stop playing with the constitution and the law. He urged that we all will have to wage a war against poverty and unemployment.

CM deplored that staged a sit-in of 126 days previously and sabotaged the visit of Chinese President to Pakistan and caused national damage Imran Niazi after coming into power said that corruption has been done in CPEC projects and offended a friendly country like China which always stood by us thick and thin in every difficult time. He said that Allah willing we will move forward by taking along everyone and if Imran Niazi tried to create hurdles in the public welfare projects for the satisfaction of his ego then it will be buried.

CM remarked that Farah Gogi case is a charge sheet against Imran Niazi and he is on the forefront in order to support Farah Gogi adding that such a support prickles his own conscience. Hamza Shahbaz challenges Imran Niazi that if he, his father and paternal uncle had committed a corruption of even a single penny then he should bring all the proofs to surface adding that we will go back home after apologising to the nation.

CM stated that he is not only answerable to Allah almighty but to the masses as well. He denounced that the constitution was trampled upon to cause delay in his oath taking but they did not come to their senses and now delay is being caused in the oath taking of the cabinet members.

CM said that the Governor Punjab is enjoying the last days of his tenure but the nation will put you to account for putting this province without a Chief Executive for one month.CM remarked that a highly deplorable incident took place in Masjid-e-Nabwi (SAW) as Imran Niazi and his accomplices are responsible for this sorrowful incident adding that such elements have defamed the Muslim nation.

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