ConsoliAds Publisher Day – A high end networking event gathering all the app and game publishers under one roof from across Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On Thursday, August 1, ConsoliAds gathered top publishers from app and gaming industry to showcase their very own Ad Mediation & promotion platform to help publishers better understand the concept of effective monetization through mobile ads without hurting user experience at the ARFA Software Technology Park in Pakistan. This Publisher Day was even more important than ever as technology continues to change the way people work every day across different platforms and different devices.

Publisher Day Highlights

Publisher Day Highlights

“The essence of this event is to meet each other and develop a sense of relationship where we will act as an anchor to provide as much support as possible in mobile app monetization and promotional strategies for both the publishers and advertisers of Pakistan,” said Asad Mahmood – CEO, ConsoliAds.

The event was an amalgamation of hands-on knowledge by industry veterans Mr Zahid Hussain Chihpa – Founder Islam360, Faizan Iftikhar – CGO Geniteam, Shahzad Qureshi – CEO Ozitechnology, Salman Aslam – Founder Clustox who shared their views pertaining to the importance of monetization through mobile ads keeping the contextual relevance to the user followed by interactive technology sessions conducted by Raheel Iqbal – CEO The Game Storm Studios, Jawad Amjad – Publisher Relations Manager ConsoliAds and Asad Mahmood – CEO ConsoliAds educating the audience at large with the growth of Adtech around the world especially in the APAC and MENA region.

The event was a successful initiative to open up new avenues in the ecosystem of content publishing and advertising in Pakistan. ConsoliAds has emerged as a completely new platform, apart from Google and Facebook, opening up new doors in the field of digital advertising for brands, mobile app/game owners and advertising agencies.

ConsoliAds further plans to organize such events globally in future and aims to continue this initiative to be the best ad network of APAC and MENA.

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