Chinese Civil Aviation Administration Relies on Radio Equipment From Rohde & Schwarz

MUNICH, January 18, 2012/PRNewswire/ –

State-of-the-art radios for air traffic control (ATC) must be reliable, compact and future-ready. The R&S Series4200 ATC radios from Rohde & Schwarz meet all these requirements, which is why the Chinese CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau uses and trusts these products.

China’s CAAC has purchased a total of 294 ATC radios to be installed at 20 locations in the CAAC Northwest air traffic control region. The order is the largest that Rohde & Schwarz has won so far for the airspace in Northwestern China. The R&S Series4200 radios are used for communications between the flight operation centers on the ground and the aircraft. Kenny Wu, Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz China Trading Ltd., is justifiably proud: “We have been supplying state-of-the-art ATC radio equipment to Chinese customers for more than 25 years. This order is proof again of the trust and confidence placed in our company.”

The tight delivery schedule was especially challenging. “The customer urgently needed the radios due to the constantly increasing number of flights. We succeeded in considerably reducing the normal delivery periods. Engineers from Rohde & Schwarz supported on-site installation. This helped us ensure that the system meets the performance requirements,” states Kenny Wu of Rohde & Schwarz China.

R&S Series4200 radio are used for voice communications between air traffic controllers and pilots. They are extremely reliable and can be updated, monitored and remote-controlled via an IP-based network so that software updates require no on-site personnel. They adhere to the latest international standards and in addition, provide VoIP functionality and VDL2 for reliable ground-air data communications. These features make the radios economical and ready for the future – key criteria for meeting CAAC’s requirements.

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Source: Rohde & Schwarz

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