Chief Minister Punjab Vows to Serve the Masses and Redress Their Grievances 

Lahore, May 20, 2022 (PPI-OT):Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz has said that the lions of Sargodha have always maintained the relationship of loyalty and always stood with Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

He regretfully remarked that during the previous four years tenure Imran Niazi gave the false dream to the youth to give them one crore employments and also lied to build 50 lac houses but could not build even one thousands houses. “Imran Niazi sapped the blood of the nation for four years and subjected the masses to massive inflation and also snatched away medicines from the ill persons.

The minister who minted billions of rupees from medicines was given an important position in the party”, he regretted. He denounced that Imran Niazi wants to spread anarchy in the country under the garb of politics. “Sometimes he threats the institutions of Pakistan and sometimes he threats our friendly countries.

Imran Niazi if you have sportsman spirit then compete with Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif in politics. If you do politics of unrest and violate the constitution then the spirit of the Pakistani people will lift you up and put you into the sea”, he stated. He was addressing a big public rally of PML-N in Sargodha.

CM disclosed that we have subsidized ten kg flour bag to Rs. 160 adding that 10 kg flour bag previously was available in Rs. 650 and will now be available at Rs. 490. “Imran Niazi if you can stop me then stop as I have set out on doing the public service mission and redress their grievances” he maintained.

He said that by the grace of Allah Almighty the prices of sugar and ghee will also be subsidized in coming few days. “You snatched away pesticides from the farmers and duped them. No matter how much you wale and cry but we will not take revenge.

The public court will be held and you will be put in the court of law because you are criminal to the nation. Imran Niazi this nation will not allow you to flee. You put Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif to jail and they do not care for this. You have played the jail game a lot but now the door of jail will open up for Imran Niazi”, he stated.

“You laid down before the IMF and took 80 percent of the loan which was taken in 74 years of the country’s history which amounts to Rs. 20,000 billion but despite this he did not commit suicide”, he censured. CM Hamza Shahbaz said that elections are coming close and the youth whose dreams were shattered by Imran Niazi will take him to account and you will be forced to commit political suicide.

“Imran Niazi and Arif Alvi you should listen carefully that no matter how much you breach the constitution, my path is the path to serve the masses which you can never stop”, he emphasized. Hamza Shahbaz said that Pakistan army is our joint army and he salutes the martyred of Pakistan Army and their brave mothers.

Hamza Shahbaz said that Imran Niazi is not doing politics but rather sowing the seeds of conspiracy. He urged the nation to wake up adding that Imran Niazi is not doing long march but rather has the fear to go to jail.

Hamza Shahbaz highlighted that by the grace of Allah Almighty the future of Pakistan is bright under the able leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif adding that the days are not far away when Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will be among this massive crowd. CM revealed that the Punjab government will start construction work on the Sargodha-Lahore road immediately and vowed to provide free medicines to the citizens in the hospitals as well.

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