Anna: PowerChina takes its responsibilities seriously in all respects

BEIJING, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The following is an excerpt from a CRIOnline report:

“My childhood dream has finally come true!” — Anna, who had been dreaming of someday visiting the Great Wall of China ever since childhood, was sent to PowerChina’s Beijing headquarters for two weeks of training and exchanges with colleagues as she had been noted as an outstanding employee in her local office as well as one of the firm’s key management talent candidates. During the trip, Anna climbed the Great Wall as she had wished for, realizing her first Chinese dream.

Today, as China rolls out the Belt and Road initiative, PowerChina has been actively engaged in local community activities in Anna’s hometown and surrounding areas, including building schools and hospitals, repairing roads, and supplying electricity and water to local residents, as part of its social responsibilities. Anna noticed these contributions, which led to her to becoming more interested in gaining a better understanding of the firm. In 2017, she managed to secure a position at the firm’s representative office in Skopje after several intensive interviews, fulfilling her second Chinese dream.

Just as everything was moving in a good direction, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic shattered Anna’s plan. She said that over the past year, she had to face multiple challenges and difficulties both mentally and at work. Taking into account first and foremost the safety and wellbeing of its employees, PowerChina completed a number of projects on schedule, while also ensuring, to the highest degree possible under the circumstances, the health and rights of its employees and their families. All of this left a deep impression on Anna.

Anna said that she would be happy to remain at PowerChina for the full extent of her career, as the Chinese company has behaved and acted responsibly in every respect. At the moment, Anna’s third Chinese dream, having a career with PowerChina, looks very promising indeed.

For each individual, a dream can be a hope or a yearning, a goal to fight for or a chosen direction, or the enthusiasm, impetus, sacrifice and responsibility inspired by that dream. PowerChina is just one of the right places where many people like Anna can realize their dreams.

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