Afghanistan Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee holds a meeting with UNDP delegation

Islamabad, June 22, 2022 (PPI-OT):Afghanistan Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee (AICC) today June 22, 2022, held a meeting with the six member UNDP delegation for discussion on issues related to trade/ transit, connectivity, humanitarian assistance and development cooperation with Afghanistan.

Beyond the international community’s current focus on an urgent humanitarian response, it is critical to work – in parallel — on a medium-term economic recovery plan for Afghanistan that is integrated with its immediate neighbours’ socio-economic and political economies. Afghanistan’s current situation is also a binding constraint to stability and shared economic prosperity in the greater South and Central Asia region, particularly for its immediately neighbours, Pakistan and Iran.

UNDP Bureau of Asia and the Pacific (RBAP) plans to undertake research and programming initiatives under the larger theme of “Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran Regional Connectivity for Cross-Border Stabilization, Human Development, and Economic Cooperation” with the objective to scope and address sectoral barriers as well as opportunities, both horizontal and vertical, across the existing triad of Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran cross-border movements and processes that can timely support human-centred socio-economic interventions to foster regional stabilization, connectivity and human development by engaging with key stakeholders (national and sub-national governments, civil society, think-tanks, and communities) to understand their needs, priorities, and aspirations. The mission comprises:

Mr. Francisco Santos-Jara Padron, Regional Advisor Recovery Solutions and Human Mobility Mr. George May, Migrant Protection and Development Specialist Senior officials of relevant Ministries/ Departments discussed in detail with UNDP about their relevant projects with backgrounds and latest updates Special Representative, Ambassador (R) Mohammad Sadiq chaired the meeting at FATA House today.

Ministry of Commerce – Trade and Transit (TAD, Barter trade, APTTA-21 and other related issues) FBR -on Ease of doing business (Border Crossing Points management, Tariff reduction, RMS, ITTMS, Cross stuffing, EIF, Avoidance of double taxation etc) State Bank of Pakistan on Payment on bank counters in Dollars and Payments through 3rd party Ministry of Communications on Quadrilateral Traffic in Transit Agreement (QTTA), Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (KPEC), Luxury Bus Service between Pakistan and Afghanistan Ministry of Energy (Power, Petroleum) On Central Asia South Asia (CASA-1000) Power Project and Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project Ministry of Railways on Trans Afghan Rail Project and allied Rail projects HEC – Scholarship schemes for Afghan students including financial aspects Ministry of NHSR and C on Functioning of three Pakistani Hospitals in Afghanistan including running cost, Provision of medicines to Afghanistan Pakistan Embassy in Kabul – Capacity building of Afghanistan (Capacity building of 15 Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry officers by Ministry of Commerce, NUST proposal on 30 Afghan University faculty members’ capacity building, bank officers training by SBP, HEC proposal on 60 Afghan faculty members capacity building, Afghan Post Graduate Program of CPSP etc) Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum – Humanitarian assistance provided to Afghanistan. The UNDP delegation thanked AICC for such cooperation and a very informative and insightful session.

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