The “Official News” is the website that is the proud name of the Pakistan News Industry, and it exists among the leading online news websites of Pakistan, on which the international media relies when it comes to finding out the constantly changing events of the South Asia region. The “Official News” has been covering news of all kinds from various governmental and non-governmental organizations, but it especially covers the news from the State Bank of Pakistan, Press Information Department, Chamber of Commerce, and many international organizations such as the World Bank.

The team of “Official News” is clear to never let our readers get vibes of being influenced by any pressure group or by any sort of political stance from us, that clear strategy helps us to avoid being prejudiced against or for any specific community or group while publishing the news for the masses. One of the distinctive attributes of our news website is that “with covering news from all the sectors, it also covers the proceedings of both national and provincial assemblies, and that is to let our readers know that what sort of laws are being made by the government for the masses.

In the Pakistani news industry, media outlets have to take care about every single they take, as one single inauthentic news published by any media outlet can ruin its credibility and that is what we crusade for in the news industry by sticking to the norms of journalism, which makes us away from publishing the news which people can name as fake or inauthentic. As we crusade to follow the basic teachings of journalism in the news industry, many media outlets have joined us for that cause and practice to keep evaluating the reliability of their news sources as we have been doing for years.

Although we have focused to gather news from all sorts of sectors, the reason for giving special priority to the business sector of Pakistan is to contribute to let Pakistan’s economy exist among the world’s top economies. That is why we have gone one step ahead of only publishing the news from the business sector, and offer businesses of all kinds to avail our press releasing service to become a prominent part of many international markets. The press releasing service of “Official News” gives you multiple benefits for your business as it gives you to have high traffic on your website, which has a 90 percent chance to become your loyal customers and that is all because of “Official News’s” credibility.

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