Defence Day Celebrations – Pakistan Air Force saved Lahore in 1965 war: Murad Ali Shah

Karachi, September 06, 2017 (PPI-OT):Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that three different gangs involved in killing police men have been busted. “This success would help to eliminate organized terrorism and crime in the city.” This he said while talking to media at Masroor Base where Pakistan Airforce had organized a Defence Day Celebrations today.

He said that the terrorism is a big challenge for his government and the country and our law enforcement agencies are fighting against them bravely. The people of Pakistan are united and have given full support to the police, rangers and other agencies to to fight against them. “We have destroyed them to a considerable extent but still lot of work has to be done,” he said.

Replying to a question he said that some issues and lethargy of the local bodies in lifting offal on first and second day of eid was reported. “I have warned the local bodies to work dedicatedly in the interest of the cleanliness of the city, otherwise I would take strict action,” he said. He added that he has been told that over 2 million cattle were sacrificed this year which is a big number. Therefore, the arrangements for keeping the city clean would have been made accordingly.

Addressing the Defence Day celebration programme of Pakistan Airforce at PAF Masoor Base, the chief minister said that 6thof September, 1965 is the day, when the nation stood like a wall and its sons in the uniform as Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen wrote the golden chapters of our national history with their blood. “They fought with courage, valour, dedication, determination and exceptional professionalism. They set the highest standards of commitment, dignity and bravery,” he said.

Murad Shah said that Pakistan Air Force, being at the forefront in that war as well, fought aggressively and remained on the offensive throughout the 17 days of war in two independent theatres of Operations. He added that it provided support to land operations from Kashmir in the North to Runn of Kutch in the South, including support to Maritime operations. “The PAF thus earned the distinction of creating a saga of matchless heroism, a never-ending source of pride for the nation,” he said and went on saying the selfless dedication of all airmen, highest level of professionalism, and unparalleled commitment towards our motherland proved to the world that PAF indeed is ‘Second to None’.

The chief minister said that the history of 65 War not only testifies the unprecedented sacrifices made by our worthy predecessors in the defence of our country, but also gives the distinct message, that material aspects are not the only indicator of success, rather the unflinching faith and unwavering determination with professionalism and rugged training prevails over all advantages that any enemy may possess. He added that the 7th of September, which is fondly known as Air Force day marks the event when the 1965 war was hardly a day old, but the time and events became decisive.

“What many don’t realize is that it was PAF which played a major role in denying the Indian Army their cocktail party at the Lahore Gymkhana,” he said and added “PAF air support at this crucial juncture turned the tables on the enemy. The diary of Pakistan Army’s 10 Division record proves that PAF wrought havoc with the enemy armour and infantry that was trying to cross the Army’s defensive lines at Lahore. The PAF undoubtedly emerged instrumental in saving Lahore and a number of PAF heroes like MM Alam, Sarfraz Rafiqui, Sajjad Haider, Alauddin and many more committed themselves to the defence of our mother land. Some lived to tell the story while others sacrificed their day for our tomorrow. Their hearts and bodies joined in sacrifice and they made the Quaid’s words true that, “Musalman museebat main ghabraya nahi kertay”.

The chief minister said “today to our 21st Century scenario, the evolving security environment has considerably altered the threat scenario for our beloved homeland. Notwithstanding continuation of the external threat, the internal mosaic of militancy and extremism has also become a matter of concern for all of us,” and added “the PAF has remained on the forefront in this noble struggle as well as an important component of the Military instrument to root out extremism and militancy from our homeland.”

Murad Ali Shah said “today, as we are celebrating 52ndanniversary of the Defence day of Pakistan, let us re-pledge that we will devote our best endeavours to live up to the aspirations of the nation by devoting ourselves to our sacred mission and will spare no sacrifice in the fulfillment of our duty to safeguard our sovereignty and independence,” he concluded.

Earlier, the chief minister inaugurated the celebratons by cutting the ribbon. When he reached at PAF Masoor he was received by Air Officer Commanding, Southern Air Command, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Haseeb Paracha SI (M). He visited all the stall set up there and also sat on the pilot seat of F-16 and learnt its functions and method of operation.

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